This time of year serves as a moment of reflection on relationships and a time of gratitude to those who help us do our best. Without our mills and manufacturers, J.Hilburn would not be the brand it is today or leading the charge of innovation for tomorrow.

Below is an email we are sending to our Clients on November 24 to provide a look inside our shared commitment with our Partners to provide the highest quality in the most sustainable way.

Thank you for all that you do,

Larry Hagenbuch

COO / CFO, J.Hilburn


J.Hilburn logoWe don't do this because it's easy. We do this because resourcefulness is fundamental to our growth.
We don't do this to get rich. We do this for the dignity that comes when we take our own two hands and build something that matters.
We don't do this to fit in. We do this because our commitment to being creative with each opportuniy leads to innovative outcomes.
This holiday season, we give thanks to our partners who've consistently demonstrated their commitment to J.Hilburn
Because together, we are J.Hilburn.

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